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An EHS corporate membership provides key employees, executives and partners with access to comprehensive concierge medicine that fits their busy schedules and demanding lifestyles. We combine our cutting-edge, advanced Executive Physical exam with the even more valuable 24/7 access to care coordination and services unique to EHS. Whether employees need an executive annual physical, a same-day appointment for the flu or a virtual appointment while attending a conference around the globe, EHS clients have the peace of mind that comes with our medical concierge services and unlimited EHS Physician access.


Primary health services

Comprehensive annual Executive Physical

24/7 access to an EHS physician

Same-day prescription refills

Time savings

Peace of mind

Travel Medicine Care


Maximizing ROI for your business by providing hassle-free healthcare to keep key employees healthy & productive

Reduced employee time out of office and lost revenue

Improved healthcare services for top team members

Powerful tool for recruitment and retainment

Executive Services

Healthcare and concierge services for the area’s most discerning businesses

Executive Physical Exams

The value of a comprehensive annual executive physical exam is clear. For many executives, it is their only opportunity to screen for current ailments, assess risk of future medical diseases, update routine and travel vaccinations, and create a tailored health and wellness action plan.

However, we know that finding time for a physical can be challenging for busy executives, so EHS has made the process as simple and efficient as possible. Our Executive Physical exams are conducted in our relaxed, private medical suites in Reston, VA, or Potomac, MD, as your schedule permits. Pre-examination blood work is available at your home or office by our staff nurses. Your EHS doctors and nurses will carefully review your family medical history, personal medical history, social history and behavior, current medication use, lifestyle factors, stress management and general nutrition. This information, along with the latest screening and prevention techniques, will be used to tailor your medical care and action plan.

Physical Exams

Our Executive Physical Exams include:
  • Unhurried, detailed review of family history, social habits, ands lifestyle to personalize the exam
  • Comprehensive age- and gender-appropriate physical evaluation and exam
  • Electrocardiogram (Heart Electrical Activity)
  • Spirometry (Lung function test)
  • Body Mass Index Calculation
  • Urinalysis
  • Vision Screening
  • Hearing Evaluation
  • Vaccination updates available
  • Evaluation of personalized cancer risk

Comprehensive Blood Work Panel

Our comprehensive blood work panel performed during Executive Physical Exams includes:
  • Testing liver and kidney functions
  • Lymphomas, leukemias and anemias screening
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Secondary cardiovascular risk factors
  • Prostate-specific Antigen (males only)
  • Homocysteine (related to cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s risk)
  • Vitamin D level
  • Mercury Toxicity Level
  • Testing multiple blood electrolytes, minerals and protein
  • Availability of Personalized Selective Testing as indicated

Coordinated Care for Executives

Our healthcare concierge services and coordinated care eliminate administrative burdens and reduces your time spent away from work and family. Our exceptional concierge team of care coordinators work in tandem with your EHS physician to provide you with total care management. EHS delivers ‘peace of mind’, through health care at your convenience and at a level of service simply unattainable elsewhere. We are the health assurance every executive deserves.


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