Personalized Testing

Getting the most out of medical advances

Our Annual Wellness/Executive Physical Exam

A foundation of our year-round care, the Executive Physical Exam is an opportunity to dive deeply into health-lifestyle, family history, risk factors, symptoms and chronic conditions. Beyond this in-depth assessment, we compliment your evaluation with comprehensive and cutting-edge testing.

Routine Exams

Our routine exams include:
  • Electrocardiogram (Heart Electrical Activity)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Test)
  • Body Composition Measurements, including BMI
  • Urinalysis
  • Vision Screening
  • Hearing Evaluation
  • Cognitive Function Screening (>60 years old)
  • Vaccination Updates
  • Test and coordination of personalized cancer surveillance
  • Comprehensive age- and gender-appropriate physical evaluation and exam

Comprehensive Blood Work Panel

Our comprehensive blood work panel performed during an Executive Physical includes:
  • Advanced Cholesterol Testing including ApoB and Lp(a)
  • Liver and Kidney Function Testing
  • Lymphomas, leukemias and anemias screening
  • High Sensitive-CRP for inflammation  screen
  • Diabetes screening
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Ferritin levels
  • Prostate-specific Antigen (males only)
  • Homocysteine (related to cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s risk)
  • Vitamin D level
  • Mercury Toxicity Screening
  • Testing multiple blood electrolytes, minerals and protein
  • Availability of Personalized Selective Testing as indicated

EHS is committed to going above and beyond to customize a comprehensive, actionable and complete health picture, pulling together your health data in our proven, personalized manner in order to develop your health plan.

Beyond our expansive testing already included in your annual physical, we offer advanced genetic screening and individualized testing to help take the mystery out of diagnosing, disease prevention and risk assessment.

Genetic Testing

Genetic screening has made disease prevention and risk assessment easier than ever. Through screening and testing, your EHS physician can create individually-tailored proactive plans for each member of the family. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of every opportunity possible to ensure longevity and maintain the quality of life you deserve? We offer in-depth genetic tests that allow us to assemble a personalized genomic profile to help us define your risk factors for developing diseases, ranked by severity and confidence intervals. Genetic testing, along with the expertise of your EHS physician, will provide you with the highest level of preventative care. Why react when you can prevent?

Personalized/Individualized Testing

While we routinely perform comprehensive blood work during our patients’ annual physicals, EHS also offers a variety of personalized/individualized tests which assess factors such as risk, sensitivity and nutritional wellbeing. As part of your tailored health plan, your EHS physician will recommend which personalized/individualized testing makes sense for you based upon your lifestyle, genetic background and health goals. Upon receipt of your test results, the EHS team will decipher your results, provide recommendations and, as necessary, coordinate specialist referrals.

Novel testing provided by EHS includes:

Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Screening

Expanded cardiovascular panels are available, particularly useful for those  with abnormal lipid panels  and for those with a strong family history of early cardiovascular disease. This may be cholesterol particles, Lipoprotein (a), APOE gene testing, and other cardiovascular markers.

In-Home Sleep Testing

Life is busy. Juggling work, family time and dealing with the rest of life’s demands can be exhausting. When you add poor sleep to the mix, it can become nearly impossible. EHS offers convenient and hassle-free sleep testing that can be conducted in the comfort of your home. The sleep test will allow your EHS physician to procure an estimation of sleep time, evaluate for Sleep Apnea, assess your breathing, evaluate snoring levels and help pinpoint any problems. Don’t settle for sleepless nights.

Micronutrients and Antioxidant Level Testing

An innovative assessment of a patient’s intra-cellular nutritional status, this tests a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. This testing is considered for individuals who wish to optimize their supplement intake and for those who do not eat a well-rounded, balanced diet and are considering supplements.

Food Sensitivity Testing

In addition to conventional environmental and food allergy testing, we offer a unique set of tests to determine if patients are having delayed reactions to foods they are eating with our extensive food sensitivity panels. These reactions can result in generalized symptoms, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, and problems with gut permeability.

Gut Health Stool Assessment

Current studies continue to support the significant role your intestinal health, the “gut/brain axis”,  plays in your well-being, from food sensitivities, to immune system functioning, to inflammatory disorders, to mental health such as anxiety and depression, and more.  We offer unique testing to get a fuller understanding of this important system and  to direct personalized lifestyle changes to improve its function.

Cancer Marker Screening

Offered after a careful discussion with individuals on the inherent value of the results. The most advanced current Multi-cancer Early Detection Cancer screen, Galleri Grail testing, is blood work screening for 50 cancer types.  Additionally, select markers available include CEA (Colon), CA-125 (Ovarian), CA 19-9 (Pancreatic), AFP & B-HCG (Testicular) and genetic testing (BRCA). Genetic cancer gene variant testing may also be encouraged for select clients based on risks.